SUISSE INTERNATIONAL GROUP is an international group of companies specializing in “Capitalized Underwriter Management” providing financial expertise to meet the needs of our clients. Our firm has been providing clients with unparalleled ability to structure complex project financings. We have also acted as representative of the client in the execution of various structured opportunities.  We also take direct investment positions or joint venture/partnership positions and have exclusively conducted its business with international clients, primarily in Asia and Western Europe. Suisse International Group maintains an office in Hong Kong at the address of Two International Finance Centre Level 19, 8 Finance Street Central Hong Kong.

Suisse International Group underwrites and procures collateral instruments for clients through its various international representative institutions.  The firm specializes in developing Risk Management Quantification for collateral providing institutions, including insurance companies, trusts, banks and other fiduciary pockets of capital.  Through the use of our proprietary Risk Management Quantification and underwriting methodology, we are able to underwrite and provide collateral instruments to help secure loans and/or credit facilities and fund clients’ projects in an efficient and economical format. In addition, Suisse International Group takes direct investment positions in projects and joint ventures with clients of various sizes for its own portfolio.

Our experience in complex financing gives a wide range of services to our clients.  Most important is the tactical advantage in restructuring a request that initially get rejected from other institutions.  By allowing us to evaluate and remodeling their pro forma, and by utilizing creative structuring techniques, we have been able to procure necessary instrumentation/collateral to secure loans and credit facilities and help fund projects without recourse to the client, giving several recent requests a revitalizing second wind.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to our clients, reflects a philosophy that every client is important, and each have specific needs that which we custom tailor to whether that client is established or in a primary growth stage.  We seek to add value to ongoing client relationships through our financial and strategic services.

We are dedicated to the structuring of collateral procurement request and Project Funding needs for clients who are otherwise unable to secure funding from lending institutions.

We have a primary responsibility to each client to fund their projects, which is assigned to a senior advisor.  The senior advisor’s role is hands-on continual monitoring of the progress of each client; consult frequently with other professional colleagues with experience and expertise to resolve any issues that may present problems in executing a plan outlined to fund the clients’ projects.

Senior Management

Alexander Lau, President/CEO
Asian and Western Europe operations
Financial Strategies

Mr. Lau’s professional experience spans in excess of 20 years and travels extensively for the firm, with his main base in Hong Kong; his experience provides the firm with global knowledge from a geo-political viewpoint in the application of services and products supplied by the firm.

Mr. Lau is highly knowledgeable in all areas of international economics, banking and trade. His strength lies in his ability to quickly identify areas of opportunity and capitalize on them by surrounding himself with bright, energetic, and creative individuals. His management style is aggressive and results oriented, yet always with an eye on detail. He instills valuable insights regarding marketing, sales and operational enhancements to the company and has been described as being intensely focused, possessing an exceptional level of professionalism.